Let us begin with common understanding of what I intend with "Agile Dojo"

"Agile" has become so widely-applied (often to unwanted ends), that it has lost any succinct meaning it ever had. I adhere to the definition given by Angela Harms on the Ruby Rogues Podcast:
Agile means the courage to look at reality head-on, without a bunch of blame and angst around it. And to adapt as you discover things about the world. Flexibility, open-heartedness, constant improvement. Listening to each other, making things better all the time because of doing these things.
"Dojo" is a Japanese word that I understand translates to "practice hall" and can apply to any art form requiring such a space. I believe that each implementation of agile practice is unique to the human system that contains it; we all have our own nuanced interpretation. I choose to emphasize the "individuals and interactions" of the Agile Manifesto. I believe that without getting this right and constantly seeking improvement here the rest of the tools and processes will suffer.

Here are some more things I believe about agile, and specifically about this site I've built to explore and share what I've learned, and continue to discover:

A space that believes the challenges we face require our whole selves, not just a slice of competence for writing software, facilitating a discussion, or managing the bottom line. Just as we must bring more to the table, we must be willing to see more and better understand our place.

A space where agility is a way of being more than a set of behaviors; where being in that space and holding that space require our highest commitment.

A space where impossibility is flexible; progression redefines that boundary within certain laws: gravity will always win and is ambivalent.

A space that bridges the board room, the team room, narrow singetrack, powder slopes, and pounding surf.

A space that follows adventures and journeys in the outer world as metaphor for the processes in our inner ones.

A space where knowledge and understanding can be shared for the collective benefit of the art.

A space that values above all else: honor, integrity, accountability, responsibility, compassion, empathy.

A human space that supports: lack of grace, messiness, and imperfection as we struggle and work and sweat and shed tears and bleed to take it to the next level, especially when that place is deeper into ourselves.

Read more about the why of the dojo in my initial post.