Over the years I've created various handouts and activities for teams and organizations on their path to agility. And I'd like to share them, with the hope that they'll help someone else out along the way.

Story Mapping Handout A riff on Jeff Patton's work. This isn't intended to be a complete guide to the practice of User Story Mapping. Rather it's a primer that begins with the assumption that the important strategic work of product planning, such as an Impact Map, has already been done. Jeff's taken a look at this document and given it his thumbs up!
Product Planning Flow In my work I've found organizations struggle to translate big product ideas into small chunks of work a team can implement. Along the way key information gets lost, or decisions get made based on assumptions rather than information; often it's difficult to detect these in real-time.

I assembled this sample lifecycle of product planning with a lot of feedback from teams and product owners. The intent is to give one possible solution of different planning sessions, how they interact with creation of a story map, and what the different planning artifacts contain as inputs and outputs of each session.

And a warning: the quality of artifacts and sessions is directly related to and a result of the quality of the conversations. Simply following any artifact-driven process without seeking to deeply understand the underlying principles leads to "agile in name only" or "cargo cult" implementations. 


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