As a Scrum Master I worked with two teams, as an enterprise agile coach, I'm working with the entire organization, one or two teams at a time. More than ever before, I need the changes in behavior and interaction I bring to a team to stick, to become self-sustaining.

When a paddle is drawn through water, the craft moves forward, and the blade moving through the water spins out vortices that continue to whirl. As an agilist I strive to be like that paddle: moving the craft forward, spinning out eddies of change as I go.

I hope the teams I have the amazing opportunities to work with will do this once I have left the room. So far this has been the case. Though for teams, like fluid turbulence, the initial input is not yet a self-amplifying loop; I still need to return and help them spin back up.

My ultimate goal is that each of them will progress to the point where they are their own input, and that positive feedback loop lifts them to entirely new patterns driving unimagined value.


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