It's hard to know the words to put down, when there are no words, really. I listened to the news of the tornado today in Moore, Oklahoma; a town of 27 square miles in the middle of a tornado that devastated 30. I cannot imagine.

Later I received news of a friend with terminal cancer, a father of two very young boys and a husband to an amazing woman, he's back in the hospital.

And I remember the bombings at the Boston Marathon last month, the violence in Syria, Hurricane Sandy, so many places, so much suffering.

I spent extra time with my kids tonight, spent luscious lingering moments with my wife. In some ways, that's the best I can do. It's easy to post on FaceBook, easy even to send money. The hard part is to see, truly see: we are all this fragile. Our lives, as easily as any of these, could be shattered in an instant.

Last week I said goodbye to the team I've led and coached for over two years through this crazy world we call agile. And I openly wept and one by one each one of them gave me a hug and thanked me; a very short chapter in the story of what is real.

So as we sit together in our grief, our hearts reaching out to those whose lives have been broken open, remember to also sit in appreciation and reach out to those you love. Tell them that. Show them that. It is all so fragile...


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