Brandon Semenuk sends a line with zero margin for error

Roughly every other year for the last decade or so, Red Bull has been producing Rampage: the premiere big mountain freeride contest. Unlike most races, where everyone competes on the same track against time, each Rampage rider chooses his (still a mens-only event) own line between a set start and finish and is judged on a variety of criteria; speed is not one of them.

The venue, or arena, as it's come to be known, is a tangle of canyons, ridges, drops, gaps, and jumps in a corner of the desert near Virgin, Utah. In the mix of wooden jumps, rider-built features, and natural drops, the riders redefine what is possible on a bicycle.

What does all this have to do with agile? For me, it comes down to this: these are professional riders. The best in the world. This is what they do: push the limits of possibility. I am a professional agilist, certainly no where near the best in the world, though I still look at these riders and ask: am I doing this? Am I inspiring my teams to this? To push the boundaries of what we believe is possible?

We are professionals. And, I believe there is a whole lot to be learned by watching and being inspired, awe-struck even, by others so committed that they put their lives on the line to express their passion. Now *that* is going big.

The following video is a recap of the event produced by the gravity riding enthusiast site I hope you enjoy, and even more, I would love to hear how your work is progressing the boundary of possibility for yourself and those you work with.


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