I'm working on a couple posts though want to really dial them in before I put them up. In the meantime, I just found this short film narrated by Jackson Goldstone, who at 8 is already expressing a level of riding bikes far beyond his years.

And I will say this: there is a distinct pull at the lip of a jump, a yearning to fly skyward. It is something I've only begun to heed myself, though I can report back that taking to the air is sublime; a sensation beyond words. This film attempts to give voice to it.

Agile is that lip. And it calls us to fly, to strip out all the bullshit and crap that impedes us and our organizations, to discard the stories we've woven and retold about how things are and what is true. It is shedding comforts, and a sense of safety, and committing to a new way of being that relentlessly pursues delivery of value and respect for people.

And it serves us to be mindful of the landing as we progress; "what comes up must come down."

As an agilist, what calls you to fly?


  1. So true again...
    something I've been discovering in life in gwneral lately..
    thanks for this one, the eagle has landed