A few years ago my snowboarding had progressed enough that I began riding glades. Slowly. I would watch other skiers and riders seemingly effortlessly float past me, winding through the hardwood trunks. And I would wonder how they could do that; all I could see were the trees.

My second season in the glades something clicked, and rather than focusing on the trees themselves, I began to see instead the spaces between, and to plan the line I would ride. A snowboard goes where the rider looks and focuses; it makes a lot of sense that if I’m looking at trees that’s where I’ll end up.

Inspecting and Adapting is a lot like riding glades; there are always things that can be better, that have impeded us. They are the trees. As facilitators we can either focus on those things and thus continue to have them block us, or alternatively we can acknowledge their presence while at the same time looking for the spaces between and helping the team go there instead.

The balance point is to spend enough time close to the problems to know them, to surface the pain they bring. Hopefully we don’t have to smack right into them to experience it enough to change, though that is always a risk ;)

What glades are you or your teams moving through? How can you refocus on the possibilites rather than the problems?


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