Riding in gravity is a thing in the outer world. We can see it. We can touch it. It gives a solid context to talk about.

Working in teams is largely a thing in the inner world; the inner worlds of the team members and the team's inner world that is created when those individuals come together. It is invisible and formless. Not less real, just much, much more abstract.

And thus it can be more difficult to wrap our heads around, and improve, and talk about. Especially in a blog post far removed from the room.

That's why I brought gravity in, to help make that invisible story visible. To be able to articulate with imagery and metaphor that which is subtle and at times, hidden. I truly hope I can accomplish this, if only for my own clarity, though I deeply hope it gives insight to others as well.

Agile is something we feel in our bodies; how has your work and the teams you serve made their internal processes visible?


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